Plant Parenting Class - Indoor Friendly Plants

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Plant Parenting Class - Indoor Friendly Plants


This class is for all you new plant parents out there.

Not sure how to keep your new green baby happy? We will give you the basics on how to get them thriving! Think of this as your 101 class to indoor plants.

Things we will cover range from watering and soil hydrophobia, fertilising, plant positioning, dealing with seasonal changes and much more. You’re encouraged to ask us as many questions as you like to get the most out of this class.

At the end, we will send you home with a few cuttings to try and grow as well as a small indoor friendly plant. We look forward to hearing how you go!

Duration: Approx 1 hour (allow for more time if you have a heap of questions!)

What you get: 101 Indoor plant knowledge, cuttings and a lil baby plant

What to bring: No need to bring anything, just beware that there is a small chance you could get dirty.

The workshop will take place at 35 Colebrook st, Brunswick at Leaf & Bears nursery.

PLEASE NOTE: There are stairs that lead to the workshop room. If you think that this could be a problem, please contact us prior to the workshop so we can make arrangements to make it accessible for you.

No need to print your tickets! Just simply make sure you put your FULL NAME into the form so we can tick your name off at the workshop.

Email if you have any questions.

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