How do I care for my kokedama?  Water the kokedama by putting some water in a bowl and submerging the moss ball.  It's best to make sure your moss and string is completely dry before watering again

My kokedama is starting to smell bad. What do I do?  Kokedamas can start to smell pretty bad if not given the proper airflow required.  Think about what happens to your wet clothes at the bottom of your washing machine after a while... the same happens to these little moss balls! Prevention is better than the cure but should you happen to accidentally get stinky kokedamas, the best thing you can do is to give them a light wash on the outside of the moss ball with antibacterial hand wash (but don't go over board!) then let it dry out as much as possible without killing the plant.  

Will I need to repot the plant that is in the kokedama?  We like to use plants that wont out grow the moss ball in a short amount of time.  If looked after properly, our kokedamas will thrive for years inside of the kokedama.

The plant in my kokedama is starting to go yellow. What's happening?  Usually leaf yellowing has to do with water stress.  Either too much water, or not enough. Most commonly, people over water their kokedamas.  Remember to let the ball dry out almost completely before watering again.

The outside of my kokedama is growing mouldy.  This is usually an indication of too much water and not enough airflow around the ball.

The plants roots are starting to grow out from the moss ball.  This is normal! You can either trim them off or let them keep growing and let the kokedama become quite sculptural!

The string is starting to break. What do I do? The twine will eventually degrade over time. Having said this, you can slow down this degradation by making sure the string has great airflow and is completely dry in between waterings. Kokedamas can go years without restringing if conditions are right!

If you do need restringing, feel free to bring it in to our Brunswick store and we are happy to fix it for you!

Is your question not on here? Contact us and we will do our best to help!