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Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

We loved being part of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show last year with our crazy Flamingo Hotel display. Lot's of millennial pink, crazy banana leaf wallpaper and a truck load of indoor plants and kokedamas. This year, we’re planning on something quite different!

Click here to see more of our stand or contact us if you want us to help you design and build your own green space for your home or work.

Kokedama Workshops

Ever wanted to learn a new plant based craft? Let us teach you how to make these adorable little moss gardens!

What's In store

We are constantly growing, sourcing and improving so every time you visit, there will be something different and new.  Check out our Instagram for even more up to date info on what you can expect to find in store.

 Not sure what plants to get or how to care for them? We are more than happy to help you!